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In short, direct primary care (DPC) is a healthcare concept which allows the patient to have high quality, comprehensive healthcare. With a simple low-cost monthly fee, you will have access to your provider as little or as much as you need it. We take out the middleman, so no insurance is billed, leading to more direct and focused care without the other hoops needed to be completed for insurance purposes. You can click here for a video to learn a little more:
Absolutely! Here are a few reasons why. First, you get unlimited office visits at no additional charge for the visit, and with this comes ample time to answer all of your questions. You will also have access to your provider pretty much anytime you need it, which you can’t do at a typical primary care office. Anytime you have concerns, you have the capability of making same day or next day appointments, calling, texting, virtual visiting, and emailing. It is also important that as a patient you understand that to maintain health and wellness, it is important to take part in routine preventive healthcare. Yearly, or more frequent, examination by your provider allows for thorough evaluation. This potentially identifies issues before you become symptomatic. It also allows for the development of a strong relationship with your provider. Research has shown this in itself is strongly beneficial in the overall health of an individual.
The simple answer to this question is no. Through the direct primary care model, we take out the insurance companies as the middle man. This allows us to be focused on the simple management of each patient without the various rules, inconsistency between insurance companies, and excessive steps expected to be completed for approval by an insurance company. This also allows us to obtain labs and various medications/procedures at cost for the patient without the uprising caused by insurance companies.
Yes! We will not bill medicare for any of your monthly fees, however if any outside services are needed we can use your insurance to assist you in the cost related to this. Think of it as easy access to your primary care provider when you need it, which is not an easily found attribute.
Streller Family Wellness is a local, family owned practice. We strive to make the patient the priority of the clinic. In order for the patient to be healthy, the patient-provider relationship, wellness goals, and the patient's family must be all be intertwined. By eliminating use of insurance companies, it allows Streller Family Wellness to be completely focused on this holistic style of care. With the increased time you have with your provider, there will be many benefits in tailoring a plan to fit your lifestyle, including making sure medications are affordable and any extra labs or imaging is completed at low cost to you. You also have an easily accessible provider, which is rare to find nowadays, as well as the same friendly faces every day.
In the event that you must be be sent to a specialist or be hospitalized, for instance for a broken arm or the need for your gallbladder to be removed, your provider will work closely with the specialist to remain up to date in any changes with your care.
There are various items included in your membership. Each membership includes an annual physical exam, which includes basic labwork to evaluate for various chronic disease and an EKG. As a patient, you will also have access to your provider with as many visits as you need, whether it be in person or virtually. If you come into the office due to an acute illness or routine visit, and further labwork is obtained or medications given, you will be able to get this at a simple low cost. You can find a link under membership service for the most common tests and pricing. Other items that can be completed at the office include suturing, skin tag/wart removal, incision and drainage, joint injections, toenail removal, PAP smear, and medication injections.
Yes. That is just one of the great benefits when you join Streller Family Wellness. You will have access to your provider via phone or patient portal. If it is an urgent matter, such as a laceration after hours, your provider may be able to meet you at the clinic to address the issue. If it is a non-urgent matter, you should have a reply within a few hours.
This is another great benefit of Streller Family Wellness. Instead of having to find a nearby urgent care, you can just reach out to the clinic. You will be able to talk to your provider over the phone, whether a direct call or virtual visit as soon as they are available. We will do our best to help you to get you on your way to feeling better when you are away from home.
We strongly encourage each individual to have health insurance of some kind. Just as with your automobile, you should have insurance if a catastrophe were to happen. We want the same with your health. Although most issues, up to 80-90%, can be managed at the office, accidents and road blocks do happen. If something occurs, your hazard type insurance will be very beneficial.
Of course. We have a few reputable insurance agents we would gladly help guide you towards once you establish care.

Aging adults and senior citizens that need guidance on resources available in Oklahoma, click here.