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At Streller Family Wellness, you have multiple benefits included in your membership. The primary goal of this nurse practitioner owned clinic, is the improvement of the health of the patient. With various benefits, the wellness of the patient is put on the pedestal of the clinic.

  • An annual physical.
    – Every year you will have an extended visit to go over routine health screening, and tailoring a healthcare plan to fit you, including labwork and an EKG.
  • Relaxed, comfortable visits.
    – Instead of expecting to sit on an exam table and quickly discuss just one issue, you have the opportunity to sit in the provider’s office to discuss any issues you have that day, and then be guided to an exam room for a thorough physical assessment.
  • Unlimited access to your provider.
    – You can have comfort knowing that your provider is available to you after hours. If you forgot to ask a question during your visit, no problem just send a message. If an urgent need arises, whether it be a holiday, weekend, or later in the evening, you will be assisted as well. Not just 9-5.
  • Strong patient-provider relationship
    – This means that your healthcare plan is tailored just for you. There is no rush in your visit, which means ample time to focus on you. We also will work to find the right medications for you, including cost of medication. If any excess labs need to be completed, these will also be at wholesale cost.
  • One monthly fee.
    – As many visits included with this membership as you need including availability for laceration repair, joint injections, lesion removal, and EKG, just to name a few without any additional charge.
  • Same day or next day appointments.
    – Because the clinic is focused on you as the patient, there is not a need for our clinic to have a panel of a few thousand patients, instead a few hundred patients maximum, allowing for easy access to your provider.
  • Easy access to the clinic team.
    – Not only do you have a patient portal with direct access to your chart to message your provider, you also have the opportunity to text or call, and even schedule virtual visits for those times you just don’t want to or can’t make it to the clinic.
  • Full disclosure
    – Because the focus of Streller Family Wellness is on the overall health of the patient, you will have full disclosure to our billing, including extra fees, your patient chart, and communication to the clinic.